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IFT fellow란 식품과학분야에서 가장 뚜렷한 업적을 남긴 과학자들에게 수여하는 자격으로서 IFT에서 가장 권위윘는 이름입니다. 심사자격을 얻음과 심사과정이 엄격하기로 정평이 나 있으며 fellow로 선정이 된 분들은 식품과학분야에서 가장 활발하고 후일 식품발전에 큰 족적을 남긴 분들로 인식이 되고 있습니다. 아래에 IFT에서 fellow에 대해서 설명하고 있듯이 오직 professional member들 중에 0.3%라는 아주 적은 숫자에게만 수여되는 자격입니다. 현재까지 1996년 초대 한국인 fellow이신 이창용교수님을 시작으로 2015년 박현진교수님까지 9명의 한국인 fellow가 배출이 되었으며 , 그명단은 아래에 나와 있습니다.


Fellow Nomination Guidelines:

The very first IFT Fellows were awarded in 1970. Since then, this unique professional distinction has been given each year to individuals with outstanding and extraordinary qualifications and experience in the fields of food science and food technology.

The IFT Fellow designation is an honor bestowed upon an IFT member by their peers, recognizing exemplary achievement in the science of food profession. In a given year, no more than 0.3 percent of the professional membership is eligible, and even fewer than that will earn this honor.

The nomination of a Fellow should include evidence for exemplary accomplishments in the areas of scholarly advancement, service to the food science and technology profession, inspiration of others to excel in the food science and technology field, primary responsibility for the success of a new food product, and improvement of the human condition via food science and technology.

A revised nomination form has been developed to offer more descriptive guidance to nominators to ensure the nominee’s accomplishments are highlighted and articulated through the nomination statement. Please consider the importance of detailing achievements and impact of the nominee’s work, rather than simply bullet pointing work history.  

We look forward to celebrating the new class of Fellows at IFT17 in Las Vegas in June 2017 during our annual Award Celebration and the Fellows Recognition Forum.

The Fellows Task Force has provided an additional FAQ resource for the 2017 nomination process.

In the event of conflicting information, this web page is most up to date and applies to the 2017 Fellows Nomination process.

Qualifications and Criteria

Election as an IFT Fellow is a unique professional distinction conferred only on a living person with outstanding and extraordinary qualifications and experience for overall contributions in the field of food science and technology. 

The nominee must be a professional member who has been a member of IFT for at least 15 years.

The nominee must be active in the profession for at least 15 years and attained distinction as measured by performance over at least 10 of these years. The Nomination Statement should summarize the outstanding accomplishments that justify election as an IFT Fellow.

As you complete the nomination, please consider the importance of specifying achievements, rather than simply listing work history.  It is critical to be descriptive to share impact of nominee’s work and influence within the profession


한국인 IFT Fellow 명단


1996 – Dr. Chang Yong Lee (이창용), at Cornell university

2001 – Dr. Khee-Choon Rhee (이기춘) at Texas A&M university

2001 – Dr. Tai-Wan Kwon (권태완) at Korea research institute

2002 - Dr. David. B. Min (민병성) at Ohio State university (deceased fellow)

2007 – Dr. Jae. W. Park (박재원) at Oregon state university

2010 – Dr. Cherl-Ho Lee (이철호) at Korea university

2013 – Dr. Chong Lee (이종민) at University of Rhode island

2014 – Dr. Suk Hoo Yoon (윤석후) at Woosuk university

2015 – Dr. Hyun Jin Park (박현진) at Korea university

IFT Fellow
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